Creating a Legacy.

Continuing the original goal of the Harrisburg Days Foundation, which was bringing community members together while raising money to create a central community park, the Harrisburg Community Foundation plans to advance fundraising efforts now through grants, individual, and corporate gifts to complete the vision of the park project while also instituting additional philanthropic programs.


Supporting educational opportunities.

We are working toward building several scholarship funds, each of which will provide area students with an opportunity to reach their educational goals.

If you’d like to contribute to an existing fund, please donate online or use the "Contact Us" link to discuss additional options.


Together, we can do more.

Giving is about working together, celebrating our spirit of generosity, and making a significant and heartfelt impact on our community. 

The idea is simple. You give to make our community better. We pool those dollars with the gifts of others.

Your gift will then be available for grants, special projects, and future needs that may not even be anticipated yet. 

The Harrisburg Community Foundation is excited to partner with the South Dakota Community Foundation in managing an endowment fund to insure adequate financial resources are available, both now and in the future, to fulfill our mission and vision. Please consider investing in the future of Harrisburg by DONATING NOW to our endowment fund!


We commit to build, inspire and engage our community to connect and grow through philanthropy and volunteerism.