Give generously. Get a lot back in return.

Take a minute to consider the impact of charitable giving, supporting programs and services that benefit those most in need and changing lives forever. By giving through the Harrisburg Community Foundation, you can support the charitable causes that are important in your life. You come to the HCF with a unique and passionate reason for giving. Our passion is to make your charitable goals a reality.

When you give through the Community Foundation, you’ve got an entire community of local leaders and nonprofit experts on your side. With years of philanthropic expertise and deep roots in the Harrisburg community, our staff and board can connect you to the organizations and people who are making a difference in the area, making philanthropy easier and more impactful than you ever imagined it could be.

And because of its public charity status, the HCF offers the highest level of charitable tax benefits.

So why give: to support your passions, now and forever.